About Us

Our mission Statement at SEB Engineering Services Ltd is to ensure that our operations safeguard the health, safety, environment and security of the communities where we work and achieve the reputation of a quality, high standard & reliable solution.
To build a rich legacy of excellence in Manufacturing, Engineering and Education that is safe in Uganda and beyond.
The company's Objectives is to forward its best services to its clients with an aim of quality and professionalism with a doctrine of utmost good faith and to create employment and uplift the standard of living of its workers and transfer the engineering and life skills through training for the development of the country.

SEB's skilled workforce, expertise in project management and end-to-end engineering, is backed by a continuous focus on safety, innovation and improvement. SEB offers customers a long-term partner they can trust and work with to develop solutions to meet their business and operational objectives. Quality and professional services are our goal and pride. This has helped us to achieve and to maintain a high reputation on the global market. We are committed to meeting and exceeding the customer's expectations to those living across borders and those within Uganda.

SEB Engineering Services Ltd has come as solution provider to all the needs of developing. General maintenances, Improve, control and superintend to any of the clients need. We aim at providing quality services to all our customers with a doctrine of utmost good faith and satisfying the customer's desires at all levels. Our believe is that customers are the most important aspect of our business and key players to the objectives of the company. SEB's capabilities extend across a broad range of services and whole-of-life solutions for diverse industries, utilizing world leading, sustainable and innovative technologies.


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