Draft Services

SEB's Steel plan business provides 3D structural steel detailing and modelling services to the resources, industrial and commercial sectors. SEB specializes in mining, materials handling, oil and gas, stadiums and commercial projects and can assist across all phases of a project.

Working closely with designers, SEB can begin detailing before the design is complete, providing clients with a 3D steel model of the site that seamlessly integrates a variety of disciplines and shows interaction of piping, concrete, electrical systems and fire services. By providing this model before construction commences, problems are resolved before steelwork is released for fabrication, issues can be predicted and rectified and construction re-work is minimised.

Our long-term relationships with fabricators and construction teams allow us to assist on site and follow projects right through to the construction phase. Our experienced team consists of project managers (registered with the Uganda Institute of Project Management), senior modellers, experienced checkers and a stringent document and quality control department.

Advanced material tracking system
Forecasted erection sequence
Streamlined workflow processes
Reduced error rates and construction issues
Improved cost and time efficiency
Improved productivity and quality in project lifecycle

SEB uses the latest steel detailing technology and is the industry leader in Tekla Structures and Autodesk Navisworks.Navisworks boasts exceptional capabilities in 3D simulation and offers flexibility and customisation to projects.

Navisworks allows for streamlined review processes and accurate visualisation for risk management. Links to general arrangements, assemblies, parts and design drawings, are readily available to assist in resolving problems on site efficiently.

SEB in partnership with fabricators, has also developed a visual status system that uses iCONSTRUCT to report the accurate fabrication progress through the workshop.