Health and Safety Management at Seb Engineering Services starts with the commitment of our executive management. It is regarded as a value from top to bottom within all of Seb Engineering Services and competent Health & Safety teams take part at every step of the work activities. Health & Safety Management at Seb Engineering Services comes in the form of proactive and reactive approaches. Combination of these approaches ensures total coverage of all steps of this Management System.


Proactive approach starts with determining, assessing and managing risks. Preliminary Risk Assessments, Job Hazard Analyses and task-based meetings are the main components of Seb Engineering Services Health & Safety risk management, while the identified measures as a result of risk assessments are used to prevent incidents. We as Seb Engineering Services, believe every accident can be prevented with the right mindset, accurate planning and effective actions in place. This is why every activity at Seb Engineering Services is evaluated with its associated risks and furthermore; respective procedures are developed according to these analyses. Seb Engineering Services health & safety procedures are developed and implemented under 5 categories.