Supply Chain & Technical Services

From an extensive range of spare parts, expertise in warehousing and logistics, to technical and support services, SEB is committed to achieving high levels of asset availability and reliability for our clients through this capability. Our supply chain and technical services offering are key elements that feed into strategic maintenance and component replacement, installation, technical and support activities for our clients.

Optimal supply chain performance is essential to the delivery of highly complex infrastructure projects and the success of long-term operations which rely on industrial equipment and products.

SEB has extensive experience in warehousing and logistics with distribution hubs strategically placed throughout Australia in order to provide rapid support to clients. Typically, supply performances are measured, analysed and constantly benchmarked to ensure optimal client service is delivered every day.

Our proven multi-disciplinary overhaul and repair services are demonstrated through technology and supply agreements SEB have with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) which are backed by the company's accredited facilities around the region. In order to deliver this value to clients, our primary focus will always be to meet or exceed their cost, quality and schedule expectations drawing on both domestic and international sources to do so.